About us

Compare and Merge is being developed by All Your Software, a small software company from the south of the Netherlands.

We wrote Compare and Merge out of dissatisfaction with other file comparison tools. They just didn’t make it easy to see which parts of the files had changed and which hadn’t.

Judging from the popularity of our product, many of you agree that Compare and Merge does the job better.

Try before you buy

We are strong believers in the “try before you buy” concept. This method of software distribution, also known as trialware or shareware, allows you to try out the programs free of charge to see whether they are actually useful to you.

If you like the product, and want to continue using it in the future, we ask that you pay for it. Because our software is only available electronically, as downloads over the Internet, we can keep the costs low and give you a good deal.

We don’t charge for a fancy box, we don’t have expensive marketing costs to recoup, and you don’t end up paying for hype or a brand name. The result: good value for your money.

We hope you like our products!

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