Do you need to compare text files?
Need to merge source code?
Then get Compare and Merge 2.3!

Compare and Merge is a visual file comparison utility for programmers, web developers, and anyone else who works with text files.

Spotting differences and resolving them has never been easier!

– Find differences between your text files.
– Resolve those differences with ease.
– For Windows 98, Me, NT4, 2000, and XP.
– Only US $35 or 30. Instant online delivery.
– Try it out for free. Fully functional demo.

What is Compare and Merge?

Compare and Merge is an award-winning visual file comparison utility. It lets you see the differences between text files, and makes it easy to resolve these differences.

– Compare your source code to an older version to see what has changed.

– Merge your changes and those of your co-workers into one master copy.

– Analyze differences in HTML or XML files, reports, spreadsheets, or program output.

– Anyone who works with multiple revisions of files will benefit from Compare and Merge.

– Compare and Merge will save you time and put you in control of your revisions.

Why use Compare and Merge?

When it comes to determining the differences between text files, you have three options:

– Do it by hand, which is tedious and makes mistakes too easy.

– Use a command-line utility like “diff” or “fc” (which comes with Windows) but the way they show the differences is hard to understand.

– Use a visual utility like Compare and Merge, which shows the differences at a glance and makes it easy to resolve them.

Of course, we believe that Compare and Merge is the most useful visual comparison utility around. We urge you to try it out for free and see for yourself!


– Compares files side-by-side
– Compares entire folders
– Compares locally or over the network
– Highlights differences within lines
– Summary bar gives quick overview of all differences
– Works like a text editor, so you can fully edit text
– Merging is very easy with drag-and-drop
– Multi-level undo/redo, also when merging folders
– Allows you to print the comparison results
– Allows you to export the comparison results to HTML
– Supports files with Unix and Mac line endings
– Can integrate with version control systems
– Command-line support
– Can be used directly from Explorer’s context menu
– Many customization options
– Handy keyboard shortcuts
– Small download
– Easy to install and uninstall
– Available for Windows 98, Me, NT4, 2000, and XP

Value for your money

Compare and Merge is try before you buy software. This means you get to try it out free of charge to see if it suits your needs.

A single-user license costs only US $35. For corporate use, multi-user licenses are available at heavily discounted prices.

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